Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Unsolicited Advice

The only reason I can share what I am about to share is because this is a lesson I am continually learning. And ever since reading Parker Palmer's book Let Your Life Speak, I constantly come back to the wisdom he shared within its pages: "The words we speak often contain the counsel we are trying to give ourselves."

That said, I have read one email and one social media post today relating to feelings of being overwhelmed. My heart breaks for anyone in this place because I know it. I live it. Often. Yet I know the truth and the truth is this.

If we are feeling overwhelmed it is most likely because we are trying to do things in our own strength which is imperfect at best, we are taking on everything instead of what is most critical (because despite what we think and tell ourselves, even the critical things can be ranked in importance), and we are putting every ounce of either success or failure on our own shoulders instead of giving the burden and responsibility of our personal GOD GIVEN results to Jesus.

Like I said, this is my life. And I know the struggle of wanting to do it all and do it perfectly. But I am learning, rather slowly, the only one who can do it all and do it well is God. And His ways are generally a lengthy, intentional, orderly process that produces the best results and the most fruit. And as difficult as it is, sometimes we just have to trust that He will fill in the blanks and gaps as we do what He prepared for US not everything we see that needs doing.

And so I am taking a break for the summer. I'll be back in the fall for sure, maybe sooner if I can't stand not writing. But right now it's for the best. I need this season to breathe and slow down just a touch. I pray that this summer is full of amazing memories for you and yours and that we'll see each other again soon.

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