Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Unexpected News

This morning when I sat down at the table to start my quiet time with God, I noticed that my husband's phone was flashing a green light.  Not being technologically savy, I didn't want to attempt to check to see if work had left a voicemail and accidentally delete it or to see if someone from work had texted and forget to mention it.  So, being the good wife, I waited until he got up and gave him his phone asking if the green light meant something.  Unfortunately it meant more than either of us had the presence of mind to be ready to discover.

Dave had received a message that a member of our wedding party had suddenly passed away.  The shock has left us both with an enormous amount to consider and questions that beg to be answered that likely never will be this side of heaven.  After all, it is only the revealed things that belong to us, the secret things still belong to God.

Regardless of the unexpected timing to say good-bye, a few things have become abundantly clear to me as I think about a life ended too soon.  It has to matter.  It has to have an impact.  It has to make a difference.

We go through our lives losing touch with those we were once close to because of time, distance, and circumstances.  But the imprint left behind from fond and treasured memories doesn't fade away.  I think back to the welcoming smile when I was 'the girlfriend' who started showing up at bowling night.  I think of the laughs, inside jokes, and sarcastic remarks that are now worth their weight in gold.

I don't want this life to be marked by regret.  I want to be more intentional about keeping in touch, I want to follow the example of one who would drop everything to be there for you, I want a heart like he had that was full of life.

In the end, none of us are able to take what we enjoyed on this earth to heaven.  But we can leave behind more than just our clothes, underlined books, and unfinished projects.  We can leave a legacy that impacts those we knew, those whom we loved well, and those who will remember us fondly when life triggers an old memory,  or creates a new one, and demands we were here to experience it together.

Thank you for being uniquely you and what that meant to me.  You will be missed.

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