Sunday, July 9, 2017

Seek His Glory

God created us with the ability to enjoy what he created for our benefit, not so that we would be mastered by it. But more often than not, our thoughts are consumed by what our flesh wants in the moment, more than what we need to serve him for a lifetime. We desperately need him to move in our hearts and minds to make seeing him give us ultimate satisfaction. We must pray that our desires would match his plans. Our love of God should be placed on one side of the scale so that seeking his glory outweighs its opposition every single time, because:

God's glory will out weigh, out last, out perform, out stand, & out measure anything it comes against.

His glory will be seen when his victory over sin and death in our lives is visible.

He manifests his glory uniquely in what no longer consumes, destroys, 
kills, or robs us of our joy in him alone.

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