Monday, October 15, 2018

Book Review ~ 30 Days to Understanding the Bible

In 1988 Max Anders first wrote 30 Days to Understanding the Bible. So why rewrite and re-release it? Because we need it.

It saddens me to think of the number of people I personally know that do not read the Bible. And I will grant you that until late in 2005, I had not personally read the only one I ever owned and got from my 8th-grade confirmation. Yes, I went to church. But I hadn't thought about reading the Bible for myself by myself, ever.

But why? Why do so many people avoid it? 

I guess that people avoid it for the same reasons I always did.

First, the assumption that God is going to condemn through His Word.

Second, the belief that it will be like reading Shakespeare.

Third, the expectation that it won't be understandable. 

None of which are true. 

This book gives bite-size chunks, meant to be read and reviewed in 15 minutes a day that will give a solid foundation of Scripture. That basis not only increases the understanding of the over-arching story but increases confidence to dive further in without hesitation. 

The book releases on October 23 and would be a great addition to a personal library or as a gift to someone who wants to read the Bible but feels overwhelmed on how and where to start. As an added bonus, there is a free 5 chapter download available through Thomas Nelson that will allow you to preview and see what an incredible resource this book is. 

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To learn more about the book and available resources, visit Thomas Nelson's webpage. 

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