Tuesday, May 15, 2018

In His Image

We know from the creation account that we are made in the image of God. We also know that we are called to be like Him and reflect His image.The tricky part is learning the difference between ourselves and God so we don't assume He is more like us rather than us being less like Him.

I've metnioned a few times that we need to ascribe to the Lord the things that are due Him simply because if we don't we will make Him out to be like us in a heartbeat. It's quite scary really. We think He will respond to us the way we respond to others forgetting that one of His qualities is omnipotence, that is, having unlimited power and the ability to do anything.

And so whenever I read my Bible these days, I write down questions I need to ask myself. I am not going to say that I answer them all, but I write them just to get myself to try to find the answer to Paul's famous question in Romans......why do I do the things I do? What's funny is that sometimes I write the question, then keep reading and journaling and ultimately get the answer.

Today after reading Psalm 18:6, I asked this question:

Why if I know You will hear me, answer me, and help 
me do I not cry out, ask, and say what I need?

And this is what I realized: I don't see God as omnipotent. 

If I am in the middle of cooking something and a human that I birthed asks me for help, do you know what I say? Usually something like this: I want to help you but I need to finish this first so I don't burn dinner.

If I am packing up lunches and a human I birthed wants to show me something funny or share something important I usually say something like this: I can hear you but I can't understand you right now. Let me finish this and then you can show me or tell me.

And if I am three rooms away and there is background noise but not so much that I don't know language is directed towards me, I usually say something like: I can hear you talking but I can't understand you because there is too much noise. You come here or wait until I can come there.

And that is why I don't cry out, ask, and say what I need. Because in my limited ability to comprehend what God is and is not capable of doing, I figure He multitasks as well as I do, and that my prayers are not a blessing to Him as I admit my weakness and desperate need of His strength, but more of an unwelcomed interruption in His busy schedule.

But God is not like me and He does not parent like me. He does it much, much better. 

And honestly, I don't know how to draw the line. We are told not to drop everything the moment we are needed so our kids don't see themselves as the center of the universe. However, nothing stops or prevents God from hearing us the minute we call on Him, regardless of what else He has going on. Frankly, that should make us drop down to our knees in complete wonder and awe and then beg for Him to intervene with our kids in the moments we can't (or choose not to) walk away from what we think matters more.....like dinner, washing dishes, or finishing our hair and makeup in the bathroom.

But this isn't necessarily just about parenting, it's about prayer. It's about having a conversation with the person who created us, cares for us, knows us, and loves us more than we will ever be able to understand while we are walking on this earth breathing the air He puts in our lungs.

Whatever we face, and whatever the reason is we are facing it, our Heavenly Father wants to hear from us. He doesn't want us to say I'm fine one more time because frankly He knows we're not. And it's got to be pretty insulting to Him when we refuse His help.

I don't know what our days have in store for us, what things good and bad we'll encounter, but I do know that God is well aware of each of them and that He wants to hear from us about them. He promises to hear us from His temple. Maybe it's time we start believing that and then act on it by lifting up our voices more often.

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