Friday, March 16, 2018

Music and Lyrics

Growing up in church one of my favorite songs was On Eagles Wings. The moment they announced the song number in the book, I knew what was coming. I lived to hear that number because I loved the music. I will admit though I had no idea what the words meant. Truthfully, until I started reading my Bible just over 12 years ago, I had no idea that the song lyrics I felt so passionate about in the songs I loved on the radio were from the Bible. We won't even talk about how long it took me 'to get' the names of some of groups I like. (i.e. Third Day, Casting Crowns, and Newsboys)

Anyway, I was reading Psalm 91 this morning. For the girl who loved the above mentioned song, you would think I would have spent more time trying to figure out what the words of this prayer mean. Well, figure them out as much as I can. This particular psalm came up a lot in Andi Andrew's book She is Free, which I suppose in retrospect was a hint I should have taken. But I'm not always quick on the uptake. I blame it on lack of proper sleep.

All that said, there were a few things that really jumped out this morning. Things I know I never thought about that are really comforting. And since it's Friday, I think sharing them now is good so we can spend some time mulling them over the weekend.

Psalm 91:1 says The one who lives under the protection of the Most High dwells in the shadow of the Almighty. (CSB)

This is what I realized:

* being in someone's shadow means we are in close proximity

* for someone to try and 'get to us', they'd also be close to our protector

* to live there (dwelling) happens by choice ~ we put ourselves close to God; He says He'll never leave or forsake us, we choose how close we get to Him (think about the way you hug someone you just met versus the way you hug someone you really love.....which hold is closer and tighter?)

* (referencing verse 10) no harm will come to us ≠ we will not stumble upon it or run into it ourselves (sometimes headlong, accidentally on purpose)

* harm does not come by making the LORD our dwelling place; we can get up close and personal with our flaws, imperfections, and sin because the blood of Christ and His righteousness gives us access to our holy God; His harm is not awaiting us with pain, punishment, or penance as if He is now seeing our sin for the first time and plotting to act accordingly (let's be honest, that's why we avoid confession; we think some cosmic hammer is about to smash us if we willingly admit what He already knows)

* our sin, which causes us to break away, is our first natural consequence because we are choosing to leave His shadow

* (referencing verse 11) God sends help to keep us going the right way

* when our hearts are set on God, He: delivers, protects, answers, stays with, rescues, gives, satisfies, and shows

And finally,

The key is to be close enough to realize all of this;
we have to choose to stay in His shadow.

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