Friday, March 9, 2018

Ten Word Question

In his new book  Not God Enough, J.D. Greear poses a question that might be the hardest question we will ever answer. I'm sharing it here because it's Friday and I don't post new things on the weekend so it will give us all something to think about. And with Good Friday just three weeks away, maybe by Easter will have some ability to answer it.

Is what you are living for worth him dying for? (emphasis his, p. 152)

I'm almost through this book. And I can tell you without hesitation it is a challenging read and well worth the investment. It's not like reading Tim Keller where you have to have absolute silence or an updated classic of Andrew Murray where you can only take little chunks at a time. He is a relatable guy that pastors a church and teaches some really deep theological concepts in ways that help the reader get the magnitude of who God is and what His greatest desire is for our lives. 

Have a great weekend!

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