Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Genesis 24

If you were going on a trip and weren't quite sure what the destination looked like, you'd likely seek out some google images, print a map, and try to figure out how you'll know when you've arrived.  We plan for a reason....we don't like the feeling of being lost or helpless.

When Abraham was sending his servant out to find a wife for Isaac, he made it clear where he was supposed to go and what he was looking for while he was there.  I would suppose if he had been around the family for any length of time he would have taken this assignment seriously knowing how God was a friend of Abraham's and that Isaac had an important role in God's plan.

The servant was probably also aware of his personal limitations.  And being aware, he prayed.  He prayed for success, he prayed for specifics, and he prayed for favor.  And God, as always, was listening.  He even began to answer the prayer before the servant was done praying.

I wonder how often God begins to answer our prayers the moment we start to say it, whether it's out loud, in our hearts, in a group, or entirely alone.  And if He does, are we paying enough attention to realize the answer He provided was on it's way before we finished with our requests.

Once he was certain that Rebecca was the chosen one, he recounted to her and her family all of the ways he knew, continuously praising God and giving Him the glory.

God's role in our personal efforts and success is a testimony that shines the light of His glory for all to see.   We need to remember that we are made in His image to reflect His image.  If others look at our accomplishments and the spotlight is on us and our achievements, we're missing something big:  a chance to acknowledge and take to heart that God is the God of heaven above and earth below and that there is no other.

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