Saturday, January 7, 2017

More Than You Think

Genesis 12

This morning I woke up with a song in my head.  That doesn't happen all the time the way that it used to, so when it does I try to remind myself that I need to pay attention to it, write down the song (because I will forget what it was but that should be expected during the 3 o'clock hour), and that there is something specific I am supposed to take from it or apply to my life.

Honest Disclosure:  These posts are coming from the previous days journal for my current Bible reading plan.  Trust me, this is better for everyone involved.  It gives me time to let it settle in, clear my thoughts, hear God, and an provides an outline to write from the next day.  Plus, if I tried to do it immediately after reading, it would take forever and be all about me.

The Song:  More Than You Think I Am by Danny Gokey
The Bible:  Genesis 12

God makes us promises that only He knows how they will be fulfilled, when they will be fulfilled, and where they will be fulfilled.  Our response to these promises should be to believe Him, receive them, honor Him, obey Him, and follow Him.

Action steps like this are logical but they aren't always easy to take.  Believing before evidence is given takes great faith and in the day to day it's often overwhelming to try to see God moving when you are flooded with images of world wide terror and devastation, local images of horrible acts, and tunnel vision of your own problems.   But when God speaks, like Abram we can build some kind of an altar to serve as our visual reminder that He is there, He is in control, and He will come through just like He always has.

As Abram and Sarai went to Egypt, Abram knew that his wife would be desired by others.  He leveraged that to work in his favor, right or wrong.  But God did allow the selfish desires of others to proceed only so far before consequences were experienced.  He is, afterall, always looking out for our best interest and plans for our future even through our insecurities.

In the future, Abram will face consequences from his choice but God's promises and grace will still ultimately prevail in the end.  Maybe it's time we realize and accept that He is significantly more than we think and that we can be still and trust His plan.

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