Thursday, January 12, 2017

Power Tripping

Exodus 1

Even when our circumstances are awful, God can still keep our lives purposeful and fruitful.

How often are we looking for greener grass?  We think things will improve when.....our kids are older, our job is better, our bank accounts are bigger, our house is more spacious.  But regardless of where you live, how you came to be there, or the situation you are in, any place you are is your God given promised land.  We need to stop seeking a specific place we think this is because a promised land is nothing more than a place where God keeps His promises.  And the last time I checked, that was not limited by anything.

The situation of the Israelites under Egyptian oppression can teach us a few rather valuable lessons:

1.  paranoia will never lead to anything good.....ever
2.  the quickest way to gain support is to incite fear
3.  when God is your joy and strength, even the worst scenarios are bearable
4.  God can use what others intended for harm ~ for good
5.  God can bless those who fear Him, even if they aren't committed to Him

Pharoah's attempt to maintain control and keep things tightly under his thumb was never going to work.  The Israelites prospered because they knew who their God was, the midwives feared God and weren't doing as they were told, and going up against God will always be a losing battle.  God's plans can't be thwarted or stopped by man's intervention.

As you go throughout your day and you see all the little things that stop, distract, derail, or alter your plans, hold tight to the promise that God is in control and He has something much better in mind.  Look at your situation and ask Him what He's trying to show you in it and then thank Him for intervening.  Believe me, I don't have this one down.  I get caught up in my to do lists that never turn into fully accomplished lists.  But I have learned that when I take a deep breath in and trust that God will help me get it done in His timing, my joy returns, my attitude improves, and my words are much kinder.  We all have a little power tripping pharoah in us.  Maybe it's time to let him drown in the Red Sea of God's grace for good.

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