Tuesday, August 8, 2017

If You Knew

"The truth is that many of us ask very little of God because we think very
little of God. We are afraid to pray big prayers because if God doesn't come
through it might shatter our faith. I'm convinced that far too often we try to 
protect God with our prayers." Erwin McManus, The Last Arrow

Prayer is one of those things that perplexes many. I've written before that if prayer weren't such a challenge for so many of us, there wouldn't be so many books about it, how to do it, the benefits of it, etc. 

For me, and perhaps for you, a great challenge in the realm of prayer is knowing what to pray for. We are told to that when our delight is in God alone our desires will line up with His and that we can pray for what we want and it will be given to us, but like the quote above suggests, we are afraid God won't answer. If I had to venture a guess as to why we think that, it's because we are afraid that our desires are too selfish.

But what if what we are afraid is too selfish is exactly what God wants to do in our lives for His glory? What if our fear is based on a lie whispered by the enemy that what we are asking for is based on hidden dreams of our own glory rather than God's? What if what we want to pray for is the purpose for which we were created but we aren't asking for it because we are thoroughly convinced that out of a lesson God will do the exact opposite because we had the audacity to approach Him like He told us to? Do we even stop to think for a moment how absurd this line of logic is? We have an entire compilation of His faithfulness and goodness that should shut down any doubt we have on this matter.

So beyond the question What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?, we need to start asking ourselves What would I ask God for if I knew He would answer? and then start to pray accordingly.

Big, bold, brazen prayers probably come as naturally to you as they do to me. But if we were to look at who has impacted our lives the most and decide that for the glory of God we want to be a part of that kind of impact for others, that might be the most humbling prayer we ever pray based on the fact that we know in our own strength we could never do it. 

Wimpy prayers have never accomplished anything and I have yet to find a prayer that is wishy-washy in the Bible, someone crying out to God giving Him every out known to man, just in case He chooses not to answer. And to even utter the words of Jesus, Not my will but Your will, at the end is not a cop out. It's a bold declaration of faith to know that if He isn't going to do what we are asking for, it's because He knows more and has something much better in mind.

So what will you pray for today? What has been your God-given desire that you have been hesitant to believe He wants to do in and through you? Let's stop protecting our big God with such small prayers and believe once and for all that He can do so much more than our limited minds can imagine.

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