Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Reality Check

"No level of spirituality or ministry exists where we 
are suddenly exempt from being human." 
Holley Gerth, Fiercehearted

There is not a lot of explanation needed for this enormous piece of wisdom. However, I would like to share a few thoughts regarding our expectations of ourselves and others.

1. We can not memorize enough Scripture, complete enough Bible studies, serve on enough teams, depart on enough mission trips, or pray a certain number of hours to remain sinless for the rest of our lives and we need to stop thinking we can.

2. No matter how perfect we think our favorite author, pastor, or Bible study teacher is, they are just as human as we are and are just as likely to fall short of God's holiness, as well as their own desired standard of holiness. Reminding them how they've disappointed us is not in any way edifying or encouraging and it likely means we've made them an idol.

3. If we have any expectation for anyone to be above reproach and to perform perfectly 100% of the time, we have placed a burden on their shoulders that God has not, and will not, ask them to carry. 

4. The gift of grace is not only meant to see us forgiven through the blood of Christ, but it is meant to get us from Point A to Point B in our lives with all the detours and side trips we will make because we are distracted, imperfect, and stubborn beyond belief.

5. The two best things we can do for ourselves and others are (a) be honest about where we are and what we are struggling with and (b) admit we need, and graciously accept, help.

The quote above is one of many treasures in Holley's new book releasing next Monday. The thoughts listed above are what swirled through my head after reading that one little sentence. If you are a woman, if you know a woman, if you love a woman, please order this book for yourself and for her. This book has brought me closer to tears than anything else has since my tears disappeared 6+ years ago. Thankfully I have a little farther to go before I finish it and I am thinking they might just fall by the last page.

Click the image to go to the Fierchearted website to learn more on how to order.

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