Saturday, September 16, 2017


Sanctuary: a place of refuge and protection

One of the things I've always admired about Paul was his ability to take what the people knew and apply it to the things of God. And while I've always thought this was an incredible quality and gift, I wouldn't go as far as Bianca Olthoff to call him my Bible boyfriend. I like the strong, silent type that lead with incredible integrity and quiet strength like Boaz. If you know my husband, you know he fits this description perfectly.

Anyway, in a moment of divine inspiration and Paul like thinking, I want to share something that we will either love or hate. Or maybe love to hate. Or hate to love. And since I don't blog on Sunday's we can re-read this and think about it all day tomorrow. You're welcome.

The question in the Discovery Guide of Isreal's Mission on p. 81 is this:

What does it mean to you that if you are a follower of Jesus you literally are God's "sanctuary" or dwelling place on earth - that his awesome presence dwells in you?

Now, before I share this painful analogy, you need to know that this has hit me straight to the core. Like to the point of making me naueous because of how often I forgot and how frequently I fail. But the point is not shame or condemnation. The point is to make us all more aware and intentional about what we do and say to every human we come in contact with.

My answer:

As someone who is supposed to be a wi-fi hot spot, my signal needs some work.

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