Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Free in Truth

After yesterday's super lengthy post, today will be short, sweet, and to the point. First, is a question I think we need to answer individually because it says a lot about our view of God. Second, is a truth bomb God showed me on Saturday. And for those of you that got through my words yesterday, please know this: I am happy to be in The Shack. The Shack is where Mack met the God who always was that he never knew or understood. I am just preferring to view mine as more of a she-shed. replete with full bookshelves, Sharpie pens, composition notebooks, an internet connection for an interlinear Bible, coffee, a bathroom, and most importantly, my Bible.

The Question

Why is it that if we know God designed us, created us, knows our strengths, limitations, preferences, talents and abilities, that we honestly think He will purposely pick or call us to what He knows we would hate?

The Truth Bomb

Satan will exploit our limitations and turn them into excuses.
God will explain our limitations and turn them into examples.

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