Thursday, February 8, 2018

In the Making

If we went to a museum and were able to secure a headset to do a guided audio tour, we would find that as we followed along, we would be given information about the works we are viewing and the artists who created them.

If we were in a foreign country visiting, we would need to be sure to secure an audio tour speaking our native language to be sure we would understand the informaiton we are being given.

If in either case we either turned the wrong way or were listening to the tour in a language we neither speak nor understand, what we would be listeing to would make no sense. We have to follow the directions and they have to be in a language we understand.

The same is true with our walk with the LORD. The Spirit deposited inside us speaks what it hears from God. (John 16:13) But in order for us to recognize the language, we have to be familiar with the words the Spirit will be saying. If we aren't, we will probably miss the message.

The Holy Spirit was given to us as a gift. A gift that is meant to be appreciated and used. 

In John 14:26, depending upon the translation we are reading, the Holy Spirit is described as the advocate, helper, comforter, or the counselor. The Greek word used is parakletos and means:

in the widest sense, a helper, succorer, aider, assistant; so of the Holy Spirit destined
to take the place of Christ with the apostles (after His ascension to the Father), to lead
them to a deeper knowledge of gospel truth, and to give them the divine strength needed
to enable them to undergo trials and persecutions on behalf of the divine kingdom.

Now, if you are stubborn like me and someone offers you help, you might insist you can do it on your own. In the case of refusing the Holy Spirit's help by not acknowledging (a) its availability, (b) its desire to do its job, or (c) the need to read the word to understand it, we are setting ourselves up for a less than stellar performance.

And I can't help but wonder how many times I have been given the exact help, comfort, and wisdom I needed and didn't even realize or recognize it. I wonder if the same has happened to you.

But here's the hope: knowledge is power. If we can learn from this, we can move forward in it. We can make different decisions and actively choose to listen for that still small voice to speak words that sound familiar. 

Ya know, Moses understood this. He said in Exodus he didn't want to lead the people if the presence of God would not go with them. (Exodus 33:15) We have been given the presence of God through His Spirit. He truly is with us at all times. Not sure? Read Psalm 139. But the most beautiful part is that if we follow that Spirit closely, we might just see a masterpiece or two in the making. And anyone who witnesses the process in us will be given a guided tour of God's ability to create beauty.

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