Thursday, February 15, 2018


"There is no attempt in Scripture to whitewash the anguish of God's people
when they undergo suffering. They argue with God, they complain to God,
they weep before God. Theirs is not a faith that leads to dry-eyed stoicism,
but to a faith so robust it wrestles with God." 
D. A. Carson

"Lament, he said, is simply expressing honest emotions to God when life is 
not going as planned. Whether we're hurt, frustrated, confused, betrayed,
overwhelmed, sad, or disappointed, lament is the language God has given us
to talk to Him right in the middle of life's messes. It's real talk with God when
you're hurting, when all you can do is cry out for His help."

from a conversation with her counselor

Lord, when we see things like we did yesterday unfolding before our very eyes, when we see children running in fear, breaking down in tears, parents terrified and horrified at the blatant evil their child has been exposed to, we honestly don't know how to react. We want answers, we want guarantees of safety, we expect solutions, we want accountability, we want promises that it will never, ever happen again. We want to find what we missed that could have stopped it from ever happening. And we want to retreat into our own little worlds and protect at all costs.

Lord, in the middle of this mess, in the depths of the broken hearts, in the cries of fear that are raging out of control in our minds, would You come? Will You hold us closer, speak healing, and help us to turn to you more than we demand answers from those who don't really have them?

Lord help us see that You are also weeping. Remind us that You also cried out. Keep our hearts from becoming hard in a vain attempt to protect ourselves from pain. Help us to love one another well, deeply, and completely as we process all we have seen and heard.

Lord, make Yourself known in the middle of the chaos. Let Your love and comfort be a tangible presence in the midst of all the heartache. And allow Your Spirit to bring healing to all that are broken. Give us the words we need to cry out to You knowing full well that You will hear every last one and respond.

We ask all this in the mighty, redeeming, and healing name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

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