Wednesday, February 28, 2018


In Isaiah 55:11 God promises that His Word will accomplish the purpose for which He sent it. But in order for His Word to accomplish anything in our lives, we have to read it. If we don't know what it says, it can't do anything to change our hearts, minds, actions, decisions, choices, behaviors, or anything else.

But I wonder if there is a crucial part to this verse that we have been missing and getting frustrated in the process.

This verse says the Word will accomplish what He desires. Do you know what it doesn't say? That the Word will accomplish what you or I desire.

I wonder how many times I have read a verse, claimed it as truth, and attempted to make it produce soemthing in my life that might have been Biblical but not God's intent and thought it was falling flat or blaming myself for not trying hard enough.

In the past year I have read a lot of books. Each of those books has taught me something about God, His ways, and His character. And one over-arching theme has been this: He typically doesn't do what I expect or anticipate. Not suprisingly He does something much better.

So here's the million dollar question: 

Can we stop expecting His Word to produce the outcome we want to see 
and just wait on Him to bring about what He sent it for? 

My guess is that if we did, we would see Him moving in our lives more than ever before.

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