Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Know and Be Known

John 4:42

Celebrity endorsements sell products.  It's why companies use well known people to advertise what they want others to buy.  And if the celebrity has a fall from grace in the public eye, their affiliation is quickly severed to maintain damage control.

But what if the spokesperson for a product doesn't have the best reputation?  What if they are maybe not despised but just not well thought of?  Can they still endorse something successfully?

After the encounter the woman at the well had with Jesus, she went back to town to tell everyone about her experience.  She most likely looked excited, or at the very least hopeful.  I imagine she was probably out of breath.  I would think she was smiling, perhaps even glowing, with a deep internal joy.  And the result of her appearance and her words?  They believed her and went to Jesus to get Him to stay with them.

This woman didn't let who others thought her to be, or their judgements about her, stop her from sharing the greatest moment of her life.  She did it despite any fears she might have had of whispers, ridicule, or being ignored.  Because of her willingness to put herself out there, many came to believe.

I want my faith and belief to spark interest in others but it can't stop there.   Regardless of what others think of me, I want them to think highly of Jesus.  I desperately want others to know Him for themselves and understand why I am so willing to put it all out there.  I don't hide it because I simply can't.  It's not possible to keep hidden what has so dramatically changed you, your outlook, your perspective, your heart.  Not only do I want to hear 'well done' when my time is up, but I also want to hear 'we no longer believe just because of what you said; now we have heard for ourselves and know' while I am here.

Father, Your love and pursuit of me changed everything.  You met me at my well on a Sunday night in November of 2005.  I was desperately thirsty and You gave me a drink that satisfied something in me I didn't even know needed quenched.  And on that night, tears flowed freely and abundantly, because like this woman, I knew then that You saw me.  I pray that You would take all that You have done and all that You continue to do in me and make it interesting enough to draw others to You. Give me the words to speak when it's my time to talk and the strength to be Your hands and feet when it's not.  Spark a fire in the hearts of those who know me to personally know the One my heart adores.  Amen.

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