Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Leading In Love

As a member of she works His way, the member challenge presented this month is to share what we admire about our husbands and how they lead in love.  Nothing in this world could give me greater joy than bragging about the man that I am honored to spend Valentine's Day number 18 with.

1.  The way he gently loves me in all of my mess.
2.  The way he lovingly encourages me to express my thoughts, concerns, and feelings.
3.  The way he challenges me to be better.
4.  The way he leads by example in everything he does.
5.  The way he is seeking after God himself.
6.  The way he builds up our kids.
7.  The way he cares for himself.
8.  The way he willingly invests time in our marriage.
9.  The way he suprises me just because he can.
10.  The way he makes me laugh.
11.  The way he appreciates and notices the little things.
12.  The way he is willing to help without hesitation.
13.  The way he humbly serves others.
14.  The way he acknowledges that Jesus is worth it.

I could list hundreds of reasons why I love and respect this man with every breath I exhale.  He doesn't back down from a challenge, he is quick to forgive and apologize, he is gentle and firm, and he never expects from others what he isn't willing to give himself.

On a warm August day in 1998, for some reason that has no other explanation than the grace of God, this man walked into my life.  A few short months after that, he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.  Nothing could have prepared me for the life we live, the love we share, and the things we have endured.....together.  I can't imagine a moment without him because he truly is my better half.

Happy Valentine's Day, Dave.  I am blessed to call you my husband.

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