Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thematic Unit

Thematic Unit:  organization of a curriculum around a central theme.  A series of lessons that integrate subjects that all tie into the main theme of the unit.

There are some mornings when my quiet time with the Lord are filled with words of encouragement, love, promises, and hope meant to give me the strength to endure what defines my current situation.  And then there are days like today.

Currently, my time consists of 2 devotional readings and the Bible reading plan I am following.  Somedays they seem independent of one another and the messages are all relevant but not really related.  And then there are days like today.

Devotinoal #1 Takeaway:  God has given me unique abilities that are of His design, strength, and prupose.  He can use them as He intends and is not limited by my perception of them.  What He desires is a willing heart in me to let others see them and He can multiply them to do more.

In other words, get over yourself.  What you see versus what God sees is never going to match up and you just need to do what He tells you so that He can use it the way He plans.

Devotional #2 Quote:  "Every unselfish act of love whispers God's name."  Bob Goff

Devotional #2 Takeaway:  Unselfish acts of love may yield a benefit and blessing for me but if doing anything is done for any reason other than love, it will always be out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.

In other words, be honest with yourself.  Sometimes you think you are doing things to make things easier for others and to show love, but the reality is, you do things the way you do them because it makes it easier and less stressful for you and they are likely not in the best interest of others. (Enter the mom who does things for her kids they are CLEARLY capable of doing because it makes things go smoother.  This does not teach responsibility, time management, respect or anything else good.  I'm not saying I shouldn't be willing to help them if they need it, but doing it for them, isn't healthy for anyone, especially when my motivation is clearly selfish ambition and vain conceit.)

Bible Reading Plan:  Haggai Chapter 1

Takeaway:  Don't be so focused on the house you live in, its appearance, its impression.  Focus on the house God lives in, build it, and watch Him fill it with His glory.

In other words, quit trying to make a peaceful environment assuming it will give you the peace in your heart you desperately seek.  Instead, focus on seeking God so He can give you His peace in your heart where He lives and that can overflow to your physical environment.

Game. Set. Match.  God 1 ~ Jenn 0

It's not always easy to confront the hidden sins.  Not because you are trying to hide them but because they are hidden from your own sight, masked as good deeds, good activities, good habits.  But the reality of God is that He loves us all too much to let us live that way forever.  He knows when we're ready to hear the truth and work with Him to allow His strength the flow from our weakest areas.  Everything He showed me this morning about me is an absolute reflection of my Type A Control Freak personality.  And everything He pointed out He did to remind me that His grace is sufficient and that His power will be perfected in my weakness.

Lord, the greatest grace always comes from a place of love in Your desire to see change.  You never want any of us to be 'proficient' followers.  Proficiency is simply doing the minimum, what's enough to get by, what gets the job done.  What you seek is the willing heart that has eyes opened to the truth so that you can grow Your reflection in us for the world to see.  Even when it's hard to hear, I thank You and praise You for Your willingness to speak the truth.  Help me to release my tight grip of control knowing that things placed in Your hands are in a much better place.  In Jesus name, amen.

Devotional #1:  A Confident Heart Devotional:  60 Days to Stop Doubting Yourself, Day 41
Devotional #2:  SheWorksHisWay app
Bible Reading Plan:  HerBibleReadingPlan

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