Friday, April 21, 2017

The things we do for love

As a stay at home mom, I am often guilty of trying to 'do it all' and not wanting to accept a lot of help because I look at the things on my 'to do list' as my job. You generally don't delegate your responsibilities and so it's difficult to accept help, even when it's offered to give you a break. I'm working on this. It's not easy, but slowly, I am starting to let others give me a hand so that I'm not quite so frazzled. I suppose in the long run that works out better for everyone.

As I read John 13 this morning about Jesus washing the disciple's feet, it reminded me that acts of service are the things you see that need to be done and just doing them, whether you've been asked to or not. And while it's easy to see serving others as something that serves a physical need, I am beginning to understand it goes way beyond that.

An act of service can simply be a hug that lets someone know you see them and you care. It can be an extended conversation that serves with your time, just to listen and offer words of encouragement and hope. Or it can be engaging in an activity that you wouldn't typically pick for yourself, like watching a movie, because you know how much it means to the person you'll do it with. Doing these things isn't only good for your soul, but good for the soul of the receiver. Why? Because so many of us go from one thing to the next, without taking time to care for ourselves. Sometimes we need someone to force us to slow down, set aside the list of tasks, and just be with someone we love.

In a world where busyness is viewed as a sign of significance, and being unavailable as a symbol of success, let's make sure we are filling our time with things that matter. Things that will do more to impact our world becaue we built up another person. Things that say, "You are more important to me than you realize."

Jesus bent down to wash dust off feet. He knew it needed to be done, He knew what was coming, and He wanted to make sure His friends knew how much they mattered to Him. His act of service let them know there was nothing He wouldn't do for them. So, as the weekend approaches, think of something you can do that let's someone know just how much they mean to you. Think outside of the box to something that will speak loud and clear. And let them feel your love in a new and fresh way.

Father, open our eyes to the things we can do in Your name for someone else. Give us opportunities to serve others well. Help us to slow down and focus on the things that matter most. You've told us that others will know we are Your disciples by our love, help us show it willingly and often. Amen.

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