Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Selective Recall

This morning, with windows open, we heard a tiny cry coming from outside. It took all of two seconds to realize that there was clearly a chilly, wet kitten somewhere within range. We started looking online to see what we could do knowing we couldn't take it in ourselves. With a plan at the ready, a neighbor has decided to either adopt or take it to a local non-kill shelter.

One thing about a rescued animal is that they don't forget who rescued them. Years ago I was heading out to the gym very early in the morning. It was completely dark outside and as I approached my car, a black cat meowed and scared me half to death. My entire life I have been terrified of cats. (They are incredibly unpredictable beings.) Needless to say, I jumped and then proceeded to the gym. We attempted through every possible avenue to find him a home. And we did. With us. And while I am not scared of him any more (most of the time), he most certainly knows that it was me who brought him in.

Since the very beginning, if I lay down on my bed or the couch and make a kissy noise, it doesn't take long for him to curl up right next to me. Even if I don't call to him, he somehow knows it's mommy's nap time and he's all for it. Of course it would be better for me if he didn't try to throat punch me while he's getting comfortable, but I just protect and deflect until he settles and dozes off himself.

So why is it that four legged creatures who are brought in, given food, a warm place to sleep, and all the affection they could ever need, remember exactly who rescued them and we, who have been brought into the family of God by a Savior who went out of his way to seek us in the worst possible places, forget he is always with us, for us, and nearer than our next breath.

As I struggle with the limitations I currently have from pure exhaustion, weakness, and outright inability to think coherently half the time, I have heard myself repeatedly say I don't know how I'm going to get this stuff done. Why? Because I forget I don't have to do it in my strength and because I don't seem to remember to check with God's itinerary for my day before deciding on it myself. This is no different than trying to program the DVR without the manuel thinking you'll just figure it out or stumble your way to the solution. God not only created my body, but he knows ~ way more than I do right now ~ exactly what I need and what I need to lay down at his feet.

I have no idea what it will take to get us to turn to God on a regular basis instead of just the 911 moments, but I'm beginning to understand that the rescue he offered the first time is available every time we need it. We just need to decrease our I can handle it all thoughts and curl up next to our Father in heaven and ask him for help.

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