Friday, January 12, 2018

Awake and Aware

A little while ago, I saw a sponsored ad on facebook for a book. I know, shocking. I decided to apply for the book launch but didn't get a reply. Needless to say, I thought the book was worth purchasing anyway so I ordered it. Just before it came, I had seen another book on a similar topic that seemed much more relevant and determined that I would not keep the first book. Once it came, I returned it and thought that was the end of that. But God.......

Appparently, God had already decided that this was a book I need to read because the book launch copy arrived from UPS yesterday. Almost fell over because I was not expecting it at all. Believe me, if I know there is a book on its way, I am worse than a kid staring out the window waiting for the thunder and lightning to stop to get back in the pool.

When I started opening the envelope, I had no idea what was inside. When I saw the cover, my heart soared. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Now two things happened immediately. First, I told my kids exactly what had happened. Teachable moments must be siezed. Second, I acknowledged to them and myself that God clearly had a reason behind this and that it must be important for Him to go to this kind of trouble.

I share this because I read something in Job this morning that really caught my attention.

For God speaks time and again but a person may not notice it.
In a dream, a vision in the night, when deep sleep comes over
people as they slumber in their beds, He uncovers their ears
and terrifies them with warnings, in order to turn a person from
his actions and suppress the pride of a person. God spares his soul
from the Pit, his life from crossing the river of death.
Job 33:14-17

I know, a pretty ominous reading and certainly not as upbeat as all the things we can do through Christ who gives us strength.

But the point is, I have been given a choice. God clearly put this in my hands for a reason and I either take it seriously or dismiss it as just a random blessing. I am assuming you know which I am going to choose.

What frightens me though is the possibility, although more likely probability, that things like this have happened before and I have either missed them or dismissed them. The God who formed me and knows my needs, and I have the potential to ignore what He's trying to show and tell me.

As we get ready to head into our day, let's be intentional about watching for God's hand and anything He might be trying to tell us. Afterall, if He loves us enough to wow us with simple things like a book, I'm willing to bet He's wowing us way more than we realize the whole time.

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