Thursday, January 25, 2018

Life or Death

This is going to be quick and painless I promise.

There seems to be a continual outpouring of people 'poking fun' at how easily we as people can be offended these days. I mean, scroll your social media for a day and I'm sure you'll find at least one post related to the topic. (That is once you can see everyone's stuff since what we see is controlled by metrics few of us understand and the preferences we set up on our own.)

Anyway, we know that we will have to give an account for our words, that our words will produce either life or death, and that they are supposed to be used to encourage, uplift, build-up, edify, glorify, and magnify God.

We also know that we are being told that we should not be so easily offended, that we are too senstitive, and that anyone could take anything said as an offense. Now, that last part makes sense because what makes us take offense to ANYTHING is going to be significantly influenced by our past and experiences. You can make a lot of jokes with me that I won't find offensive, but if you touch a senstive spot, it will hurt.

And the reality is we can not identify each person's senstive spots. We'd all have to walk around with sandwhich boards that have lists of safe versus unsafe topics to make sure no one poked an area that was tender or scarred.

BUT what if we were accutely aware of our sensitive to the touch spots and looked at what was offending us as a reminder from the Spirit of God in us that we are hearing a lie straight from the pit of hell, we need to not accept it, and immediately refute it with the truth? What if our offendability is not infact a problem but a protection of God over our minds and hearts that the world is twisting into something ugly and making us think we are weak and too sensitive? What if it's actually a good thing? Because here's the reality, those who love to talk (even to themselves) will reap the consequences..... for better or worse.

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