Saturday, January 13, 2018

Weekly Recap

Good Morning! It's the weekend which means it's a chance to rest, relax, and remember all that happened this week.

On Monday, we discussed how the words of God will bring us back from wherever our minds have taken us that might not be the best place to reside. You can find that post HERE.

On Tuesday, we talked about the call on our lives to be compassionate not critical and the ways a critical spirit might manifest itself in our lives. You can find that post HERE.

On Wednesday we learned that the things that have hurt us are rarely done with malicious intent. You can find that post HERE.

On Thursday we were reminded that while change is not always welcome, despite what might be shifting in our circumstances, God remains the same. You can find that post HERE.

Finally, yesterday we saw that sometimes God speaks to us in ways we might not anticipate or expect and that it's important to make sure we are listening for His voice and looking for Him to move. You can find that post HERE.

Have a fantastic weekend and stay warm!

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