Wednesday, June 7, 2017

All The Days

For as many times as I've heard Psalm 23 either read or sung, the incredible magnitude of this verse didn't hit me until today.

If God's love follows us everywhere, it goes:

to the depths of the lowest lows we will ever know,

to the greatest joys we will ever experience,

to the saddest moments of our lives,

to the deepest grief we will ever feel,

to the farthest corners we run to hide,

to the driest deserts we wander searching for water,

to the rainiest season where we're certain we will drown.

And why? Because He is Emmanuel, God with us. He can not leave us. It's impossible. And as much as we might think that we walk away from Him, wherever we go, He is there, waiting for us to see Him. 

What on earth could we ever have to fear if God is with us and His love follows us all the days of our lives.

Father, yesterday left me feeling incredibly vulnerable, but I knew that You wanted me to lay it all out for anyone to see. Lord, help us to realize that fear has no place in our hearts because Your perfect love casts it out. Help us see that the rest you intend to give us as we lie down in green pastures is a gift, and one that we can't afford to refuse. Teach us to be still so that we can see You move. And remind us that regardless of where You position us in Your plan, that Your love follows us all the days of our lives. We love You. Amen. 

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