Saturday, June 3, 2017

Fine Linen and Purple

Several months ago on my husband's day off, we had the following conversation:

Him: Why are you looking all cute?
Me: Because you're taking me out in public.

It's not that he doesn't think I look cute any other time, but that particular time I was apparently looking extra cute and he thought he'd acknowledge the effort I was putting in to looking nice that day. I totally appreciated it because let's face it, the things we hear about our appearance generally stem from the thoughts we are having in our own heads and they aren't typically complimentary.

With summer upon us, pools opening up, beaches getting ready to be occupied by vacationers, and cute summer dresses at the ready, it's pretty easy to get discouraged over things we either have a desire to change but lack the knowledge of where/how to start, or the desire to change but not the resources to make it happen (eating healthy is crazy expensive), or the lack of belief in ourself to try again when we've failed so many times. It's maddening, emotionally draining, and psychologically damaging what we do to ourselves trying to fit a mold that we've assumed others expect us to fit.

But the truth is, if someone liked us more based on our size or appearance, is that really the friendship we want to invest in? That's like trying to keep up with the Jones' in the worst way imaginable! 

I don't know at what age we become so self-conscious of our appearance or if at any age that goes away. But I do know that after I read Psalm 139 this morning, I've resolved to ask a different question. Instead of the famous Does this make my butt look big? or the equally asked Does this make me look fat?, I am instead going to ask How does God think I look today? because He only has precious thoughts about me that are too many to count. And since there is no deceit in Him, I know He's telling the truth.

Lord, You designed each of us exactly as you intended us to be; and since you don't make mistakes, help us to celebrate and find the good in the things that either we, or the world, whispers need to be changed. You didn't have a cookie cutter out when You formed us with Your hands because You created us as uniquely as the snowflakes that fall in winter. Help us to see ourselves and each other as You see us, fearfully and wonderfully made. We love you. Amen. 

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