Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Sometimes things are tough. We are yoked with circumstances we didn't anticipate, don't want, and can't do anything about. We are face to face with a lion that is hungry, positioned to attack, and isn't likely to get distracted by any tricks we might try. And honestly, we probably don't have the strength or presence of mind to even bother. And while we don't want to concede, we don't see any other option. As a last ditch effort we send up an SOS, hoping that someone will see. And someone always does.

While it would be nice to have God immediately remedy the situation we are in, often times that isn't his plan. Typically when we find ourselves in this kind of position, it is a period of refining. It's funny how we all love the benefits that result from the process but would much prefer to avoid the parts that hurt. And in the end, don't we always says it was worth it for what it did for our relationship with our heavenly Father?

But I wonder how often we realize that we are the ones meant to answer that SOS call. Are we looking at each other in the eyes deeply enough to recognize the feelings of helplessness? Are we listening intently enough to what is not said to hear the cry for mercy? Are we present enough in the lives of those we are close to so that we can notice something is a bit off? And are we willing to get involved when we do?

Each of us faces moments where the only comfort we can receive must come from God. He is the one that needs to bind up our wounds so that they can heal properly. But in turn, we are meant to take that comfort and pass it on. Sometimes that means sharing our story, sometimes it means interceding with prayer, and sometimes it means standing in the gap with enough faith for the one that feels like defeat is inevitable.

I pray that every day we would seek and find an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus. It can be a stranger, a neighbor, or someone that shares our walls. And while it might be easy to think that you don't know anyone who needs anything, maybe take a step back and think about what you would want someone to notice about you, and then go meet that need for someone else.

Lord, help us to see others as you see them and show us how to love them well. Open our eyes to the work you have prepared in advance for us to do as we become your hands and feet. And remind us that as you have comforted us, you call us to comfort others. We love and thank you for all that you will do in and through us. Amen.

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