Sunday, June 4, 2017

For or Against

On Sunday evenings, I sit down and look at the week ahead. I put down all the things I need to get done and all the things I would like to get done. Why? Because if I don't, I'll forget stuff. Every.Single.Time. And just because I write it, doesn't mean it gets completed. Sometimes God interrupts my plans with His intentions and reprioritizes my list, or adds things of His own that are more important. This always works out to my advantage. Always.

On the off chance you plan your week on Sunday evening, or early Monday morning, I want to share with you something I read that I have decided to take as a challenge for this week.

Because here's the thing, this says that whatever we do can be done for the glory of God. You can:

-have tough conversations for the glory of God
-clean your home for the glory of God
-give encouraging words for the glory of God
-run errands for the glory of God
-take time to rest for the glory of God
-volunteer your time or talent for the glory of God
-work with excellence for the glory of God

The list is endless. But just like you can do all things for the glory of God, you can do things in a way that do not bring glory to God. With grumbling. With impure motives. Out of obligation and not joy in serving.

I know there are things I do that do bring Him glory and there are things I do that certainly don't. For example, I tend to do more complaining about school not being out than I do celebrating that God has still given me this week to get some things done before the kids are home for summer. But I want to take this challenge to do more for His glory. Why? Because what we do is either for or against it; there is no such thing as a glory neutral action. And honestly, this is too important to not get it right when others are watching and they know what you believe.

Jesus, the most encouraging words you have spoken to me are about Your power being perfected in my weakness. Working with discipline and excellence has never been my strong suit. I might get things done, but I don't always do things as if I'm working for you. I pray that for anyone else that struggles with this either across the board or in certain areas, that You would remind us that Your power is at work within us to help us do all the things in Your strength not our own. We want to live our lives to bring You glory in whatever it is we do. We love You. Amen.

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