Thursday, November 16, 2017

Giving Thanks ~ Day Fourteen

Recently I had the opportunity to rewatch Mom's Night Out with a friend. If you have not seen this movie, find the time to watch it. Not only is it funny, it is deeply convicting.

As women we tend to believe that we should be able to do and be more than we are. We put expectations on ourselves that we assume others have that they haven't actually expressed. We berate ourselves horribly when we forget to do something or fail to execute the perfect plan to get things done so as not to inconvenience anyone else. And the worst part is that we rarely acknowledge that anything that didn't get done just wasn't part of God's plan for the day even if it was an integral part of ours.

Now, assuming that with the holiday season rapidly approaching and that this movie is going on your Bucket List of things to watch, and that with mommy/wife/overwhelmed female brain you are going to forget what I am about to write, you need to know the question the main character is asked at the end.

As she is lamenting her situation to a relative stranger and how she is not enough, he asks her, "Not enough for who? You?" and then proceeds to tell her that God placed her in her husband's life, her children's lives, her friend's lives, because she was the one He needed there.

I can hardly believe that there is a woman out there that doesn't blame herself or accept some responsibility for the less than stellar choices someone they love has made. We think if only I'd done ............ or if only I'd said ............ or if I'd just been less distracted. But the truth is we aren't responsible for someone else's decisions. And maybe, just maybe, their bad decisions are meant to be redeemed by the grace and love only we can show them in the way they will best understand because God has built a foundation over time.

Today, let's be thankful that even when we feel like we aren't enough, God says we are. And even more importantly, let's be thankful that when we feel like we dropped the ball, we weren't the one holding it in the first place.

Mom's Night Out (2014)
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