Saturday, November 11, 2017

Giving Thanks ~ Day Ten

What I see:

1. A teacher with a K-8 degree that was used for just over a year.
2. A Mary Kay Conultant who never made it to a Red Jacket.
3. A Beachbody Coach who never made it to Emerald.
4. A girl who had a string of unhealthy relationships.
5. A mom who desperately tried to scrapbook and then gave away a lot of stuff.
6. A mom who secretly wanted to homeschool but couldn't motivate her kids to do anything.
7. A wife who has refused help on more than one occasion because 'she can do it all.'
8. A woman who has ignored God's Word and stubbornly held on to her own preferences.
9. A lupus patient that disregards the dangers of stress and improper rest.
10. An obsessive personality that looks at interruptions to stop as obstacles to be defeated. #Boot

What God sees:

1. Preparation for a future plan that hasn't been fully revealed.
2. A deep knowledge that all the promises of money will never make you happy.
3. An understanding that what once was in your twenties is not what's best for you in your forties.
4. A girl who fell in love with the one I intended for her from the beginning.
5. A mom who understands that every moment has to count more than it needs to be documented.
6. A mom who is willing to do anything to help her kids but respects their desire to be independent.
7. A wife who is learning that accepting help is not a sign of weakness.
8. A woman who understands that walking as close to the line as possible means she's trying to get closer to Satan than God and that's not a good place to be.
9. A lupus patient who is learning to listen to her body and has learned to step back even from good things because they aren't what's best.
10. An obsessive personality that is beginning to look at interruptions as invitations to see God move when it doesn't make sense.

Challenge: List what you see......List what God sees......Give thanks that He sees what He's started through to completion.

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