Sunday, March 19, 2017

Perfect Harmony

Whenever I'm in my car, I am listening to K-LOVE.  Somehow it seems to keep my road rage to a minimum because I am constantly being reminded that just as Christ has forgiven me I am to forgive other people....especially the bad drivers of the world.  But please understand that I am quick to apologize to my kids for any rage, malice, or slander that may escape my lips should someone pull out in front of me, forget to use a turn signal, try to change lanes at an unsafe distance, or whip around me quickly because apparently going the speed limit to merge into traffic from a ramp is unacceptable.  (FYI, it's usually the slander.)

Yesterday though, I was by myself to run a few errands.  And since no one was committing any major traffic violations that I could easily identify, I was free to enjoy the music and sing praises rather than profanities.  (In case you were ever confused or unsure, I am completely human.  I don't have a potty mouth typically unless I see or read something crazy.  Those are the times it would be best to remember to use my words.)

Anyway, Chris Tomlin's Indescribable was playing.  For as many times as I've heard this song, one particular portion of the lyrics just overwhelmed me.

After having read The Broken Way I have been hypersenstive to the concept of each of us being called to die our thousand little deaths in living the way God intended us to live sacrificially for the benefit of others.  If we each do our part as uniquely as we were created to do it, the impact we can have is immeasurable.  Our callings may be similar in nature, but in execution they should be as different as the flakes of snow that come from the heavenly storehouses.  God did that intentionally because He knows that the people in our cirlces of influence are going to respond to the way we do it, not the way someone else does it.  And every person that we connect with influences us for a reason and a season the same way.  I can't even comprehend what it took for Him to orchestrate this from the word GO but He did it and we each get to play a part in it.

But back to the song.....We know that God created everything.  Whether it's a rock, a deer, a person, or a cat, He created it all with purpose and intention.  We read verses of rocks crying out, birds singing, fields being jubilant, and mountains clapping.  Everything making it's own unique sound.  As Chris sang, "Every creature unique in the song that it sings," it occurred to me that it's saying each uniquely individual one, not necessarily each group of deer, or each group of tigers, trees, or babies. And they are all performing together, in one perfectly composed symphony, proclaiming Him indescribable and uncontainable.

For the girl who has music as her love language, this concept is magnificently beautiful.  Just think for a moment what the harmonies and melodies must be with each of us singing our songs to Him and what that must sound like with perfect heavenly acoustics.  Not only are we God's masterpiece created in Christ Jesus to do good works prepared for us in advance, but when we do them, we make a sound that is important in the grand performance of an orchestra that includes everyone.

For as much as I have always enjoyed the concept of the streets of gold and tears being gone because there is no sadness or pain in heaven, I think I am most anxious now to hear the recording of the song that started in the beginning.  And I think as a special bonus track, we'll each get to hear our part and how it contributed to the whole.

Father, sometimes I forget just how creative You are.  I put You within the limits of my own mind and it seems like the moment I do, You take the time to blow me out of the water with something so profound and personal.  Thank You for the reminder that You are completely indescribable and uncontainable.  Amen.

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