Wednesday, March 22, 2017


At the beginning of this year, I was desperate to find a planner that would not only be functional, but one I would truly use. After several failed attempts, I found one that has suited my needs perfectly. On one side is the entire week and the other side is a place to list things with open boxes to check them off as they are accomplished. On each individual day I write a reminder to myself that has to do with God. For example: I am not alone or without the help I need to be an overcomer and live in victory. But I do need to ask God for help in prayer.

On the page where I list the most important things I need to do for the week, I section off a portion with pretty washi tape to write my memory verse for the week. This not only keeps it fresh in my mind, but the added embellishment makes my planner that much prettier.

It wasn't until this year that I realized the critical need I have to write things down. I think a cross between getting older, daily stresses, lupus fog, and a tendency to forget things, has made it a crucial practice to keep me focused, on task, and completing the most important things, not the inconsequential ones. With three and a half months into the year, I can say it has been one of the best habits I have developed in 42 years of drawing breath.

This moring, I carried the practice over to what I read in my Bible. Typically when I journal or write while I am studying, I am writing things that I know I need to implement, study further, or pray about. This morning's reading however was Psalm 136 and required a slightly different approach.   After each verse the psalmist writes, he adds His love endures forever. It's a testimony of things God has done in dire situations and would remind the listener or reader to consider the evidence of God's presence in their life.

As I read it, I thought about the things God has done in my life and the character traits those actions have displayed. So rather than a typical post, I am sharing with you the reminder that perhaps you need today. May these forever enduring traits bring you peace in whatever storms you face.

God is good, perfect, able, sufficient, holy, strong,
steadfast, intentional, provisional, sovereign, purposeful,
mighty, freeing, satisfying, deliberate, healing, restoring,
reclaiming, resurrecting, redeeming, remembering.
He is all things, He is in all things, He gives meaning to all things. 
He defines all things, aligns all things, glorifies all things,
magnifies all things, illuminates all things, values all things. 
And nothing is worth anything without Him who is everything.

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