Sunday, May 7, 2017

Born Identity

Apparently when you register to run The Pittsburgh Marathon, the name that goes on your race bib is what you choose and does not need to be your actual name. I didn't know this until yesterday when we went to the Expo to pick up my husband's packet. I saw some that were funny, some inpsirational, some with a dedication, and of course a lot with just a name.

I told my husband that I thought he should do something fun next year, and by fun, I mean Biblical. I was thinking something along the lines of run the race or for this purpose or with endurance. Granted I don't know how many characters you can use but I obviously I had a few ideas swirling around pretty quickly.

While I am not training to run any race of any distance, it makes me wonder what I would want on my own personal bib. I think of so many names by which I have defined myself and I wouldn't want any of them on display. Names of things in the past that have been long gone. Names that define beliefs I held about myself but no longer do. Names that describe periods of time when my decision making skills weren't godly and my liesure activities left much to be desired.

But now? It would be difficult to choose from all the options that I would be humbled to submit. Things like Child of God, Worthy, Redeemed, Enough, and To Die For. And more importantly, why names like those are even an option.

Hillsong United has a song titled What a Beautiful Name. This song describes the name of Jesus as beautiful, wonderful, and powerful. It will only ever be because of His Name and what it signifies that my name was changed to what is probably the most meaningful one to me: Chosen.

In this world, it's easy to get caught of in the labels we use to define ourselves and it's not long before they become our identity. But that was never meant to happen because the world has no right to label any of us. Why? Because we are only in it, not of it.

I don't know what name you would want inscribed on the race bib that has been divinely assigned to you, but we are all ultimately in a race and meant to run as if we intend to win the prize. We must shed the weight of things that will hinder us and never give up. And when things get tough and we aren't sure if we'll be able to continue, we just need take a deep breath in and remember the Name above all Names. The name that is beautiful, wonderful, and powerful. Jesus.

Lord, help us to define ourselves as you see us. Anytime we are asked to give, write, or sign our name, remind us that You have names for us also. Names that You have declared over us because of the blood of Jesus and all that His name means. We love you. Amen.

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