Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Need to Know

A word of encouragement:

Regardless of how you 'feel' or what negative thoughts cross your mind, and despite anything anyone else might assume about your motives, God has started your journey by sowing the seeds of discontent you had in your heart in the fertile soil He had already prepared. 

You might not have had the greatest and purest beginning, but when you were ready to receive Him in this area, He intervened and set you on a path to wholeness, restoration, redemption, and hope. Every step of this journey, He has been making a way in the wilderness and streams in the desert. 

Your wilderness has always been the disrupted path from your head to your heart. And He is cleaning it up to make it clear, walkable, and void of obstacles. He is filling in your heart with streams that will bubble up to the wellspring of life and all that you do is going to flow from it.

You might see your personal limits, but you have a personal relationship with a limitless God. And He's not through with you yet.

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