Monday, November 7, 2016

Declaration of Dependence

John 1:18  No one has seen God at any time.  The only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, has declared Him.

Father, You sent Your Son so that we might know You better.  And Your Son willingly came that He might help us understand You.  You did all of this because of Your great love.  Your desire has always been, from the outset, a relationship.  You wanted more than just obedience, You wanted to walk with us, talk with us, be with us.  You wanted more than just sacrifice, so you made the ultimate sacrifice so that ours wasn't necessary.  What You want is a heart that seeks Yours, a voice that cries out to You, a hand that reaches for You to hold, and a life that looks like You are our number one priority and that fulfills Your purpose.  Help us not just to know who You are but to know You in our lives as healer, redeemer, restorer, savior.  Remind us that You walked this earth, kept records of Your time here that we might not only survive, but truly live.  Help our voices not only share our experience with You but also shout Your praises, honor, and glory to everyone we know.  Amen

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Mindy Lawhorne said...

I love this, Jennifer! How beautiful